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K1 wasiu ayinde.ambode and the lagos politic

K1 ambode

Game of politic is a very pathetic one am sure a lot of people don't know what politic is all about there is a lot of game going in every political party,politic is more more than what we see there is what they call praising politic,

it's more than what we see or what we support when they have there candidates, who are the practicing politicians they are those who are very committed to there party and there leaders,committed and loyalty is very common in politic not only in Nigeria that is how it is ever where were they practice democracy,

The video of k1 wasiu ayinde abusing ambode that go viral is not what anybody should start to talk or blame k1 for because when they are going to settle the issue most of you who blame k1 wasiu ayinde for saying what he said about ambode we not be there,

k1 is a politician and that he behave like Evey politicians we behave , why can't we wait for a mint and ask our self why is it hat is difficult for ambode to have support of his party leaders in Lagos about his second time ambition.

is true he do a lot of things in Lagos but before Lagos vote for him did we forget that he need his party to nominate him.

if his good to his party and to the leaders of the party he will not have problem and his second time should be as easy as anything.

Ambode need to check himself, every body is talking about k1 wasiu ayinde because his a star what about the other party loyalist who go against ambode second time ambition.

the truth is k1 wasiu ayinde is a politician and am sure anybody that follow him should understand that by now that he was because he make it know when every he have the opportunity.

k1 is a party loyalist and very loyal to his leaders and party, that is how politics is k1 and ambode we be Friend again sooner or later when ambode sort out his issue with the party leaders.

That is why they call politic a deity game



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