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Following the political eclipse that submerged the popularity of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the upper chamber of the National Assembly, the defectors have told Nigerians to expect more defection in the next few days.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Hon. Rasaq Atunwa from Kwara State said what happened on the floor of the House on Tuesday constituted the first batch of those who had signified their intention to dump the party.

"This constitutes the first batch of those who signified that they would leave the APC and therefore you should expect in the next few days defecting members of the APC on the floor of the House of Reps," Atunwa said.

"Having said that, it is important to put on air some of the reasons why we felt it was important to leave the APC.

"Firstly this was a party that we all laboured for, a party that we all joined together from our various parties pre-2015, campaigned heavily for it in 2015 and we formed a government. We came together because we believed in what we proposed to the people of Nigeria; we believed in change.

"We believed that this country needed to be better ruled; we believed that the youth of this country deserve better; we believed that the men and women of this country deserve better; we believed there ought to be a better method in social integration; we believed that job opportunities must be provided."

He explained that APC has deviated from the ideas of taking the country's economy to the next level and deepening the democratic values.

"We took the step today. Like I said, 37 members left the APC as a first batch; more people will leave the APC in the nearer future.


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